Best online stores for collectible

We are in the 21st century, where everything is now more accessible and faster to get, which facilitates and makes thousands of lives happy, due to the proximity to getting everything they want and need. But if we talk about getting what they want, this position is taken by collectors. Those with each new movie or action series (that is good) acquire figures of the characters for their collection.

But, surely you are thinking and you say: anyone can do that, but no, these are not just any figure, they are official and certified. For this reason they cost a price that is normally very high, for some people, but according to their vision, it is well worth spending those thousands of coins.

Surely you were interested in knowing a little more about these collectible figures, right? Well, we share some of the online stores that these collectors use to purchase their products. In fact, many of them will surprise you.

But before we start we are going to divide the distributors into two sections, which are: Commercial online stores and specialized online stores.

Commercial online stores, known to most users 

These are companies, which are very commercial, where what is sold does not often come directly from the distributor, but from other users who re-sell their products. Which is not so good for collectors who are just starting out, because not knowing how to differentiate the real from the fake very well, it can bring you a few problems. But if you want to take risks, I leave you a link that will help you to be a crack, in terms of being a professional collector. 

But that does not mean that these websites are not trustworthy, quite the contrary, they are 100% trustworthy and serious.

Ebay, the best known to all Internet users

The reliable old woman, as we would say these days. Ebay is the best known and safest website for online buying and selling, and more for action figures. Well today there are thousands of people who are linked to this world.

Here you will find offers of the same product at different prices, only you are the one who decides and verifies if the product is true or false. You just have to contact the seller and that's it.

But remember, even if it is on Ebay, it does not mean that it is cheap, because you must consider that collectible figures are not cheap at all.

Amazon constantly innovates its catalog

It fulfills the same function as Ebay, but the difference is that it constantly changes the products they offer, giving potential customers variety.

The good or bad thing is that Amazon has more possibility to buy than to sell something.

Etsy sells old school figures

This site is basically about buying and selling, of all the action collectibles that you can think of. But these are not just any action figure, but the most traditional or as one would say, old school (they are worth much more).

For this reason, the prices of this page are a little higher, but considering that the public that buys on your page is international and more open in terms of quantity.

They are products purely from official distributors, which bring with them all the seals, safety regulations, product review, creation, other data and accessories that give an extra bonus to the product. Also, if you are looking for a figure that is very difficult to find, in fact you will find it in any of these stores, because they are only dedicated to this branch.

Dash, designed for true collectors

Dash Action Figures, is a like an ebay but a little newer and dedicated exclusively to collectors. What differentiates it from commercial pages is that it does not have a fixed price, since most products are sold through auctions. But still some have a fixed price, very few and not so highly valued, but there is one or another that already has the stipulated price.

Entertainment Earth, ships around the world

This store sells the latest trends, as far as action is concerned, and also all the things that it distributes have a verification license (verify that the product is true).

It ships to all countries abroad, through a system called USPS Priority, which indicates that it is an economical shipment. It has many of all sizes, but the most widely distributed are the funkos of Marvel, Batman and Star Wars.

Big bad toy store, everything you are looking for can be found here

Distribute figures, statues, comics and anything else collectible from brands like DC Comics, Marvel, Transformers, Star Wars and many more.

And the best thing you can have is that it has a section of products with a flat rate, which means that everything in that section will cost 4 dollars for shipping. The best that can exist.

Kidrobot, only distributes licensed collectibles

It is the leading distributor of limited edition action and art collectibles. All with originality license.

The good thing about Kidrobot is that on your first purchase you have a 10% discount, but if you buy more than $50, shipping is completely free.